The world’s biggest game is taking on the world’s biggest opponent.


Fans. Parents. Players. Referees. Business Owners. League Directors. Trainers. Teachers. Students. Doctors.

Here’s How…

  • Host a Fundraising Game

  • Host a Tournament

  • Sell RCC Merchandise

  • Partner A Business With RCC

  • Hang Signage

  • Wear RCC Jerseys

  • Pledge for Goals, Assists & Saves

C’mon, Let’s Get Started!

“My son just turned 10 and for his birthday party he asked his friends to bring two $5 bills – one for his savings and one for his favorite charity. He chose Red Card Cancer because he is a travel soccer player and because he knows several people who are either fighting cancer or have lost their battles. He now has $100 that he would like to donate. Thank you for starting Red Card Cancer, we are behind you 100%.”

– Camille, Virginia Soccer Mom